Becoming Boss Bundle - Anna's Affiliate Bonus

Purchase the VIP Becoming Boss Power Pack using Anna's affiliate link & get a

Month of Personalized Email Ideas

Bust through that blank page syndrome by having a solid idea and starting point for each email you’re writing. 

You’ll send in info about your business — such as the type of content you create, what you sell, and who you’re selling it to — and I’ll put together ideas and outlines for 4 weekly emails that you can send this month or next. 

These won’t be fully-written emails, because emails work best when they are written with your own words

But you will be able to whip them up faster than you thought before following the detailed outlines. 

Please note: the link below is an affiliate link, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I am only an affiliate for products and people that I completely believe in, and I am happy to promote this bundle with integrity. 

You must click through only using the button below and subsequently purchase the VIP Becoming Boss Power Pack ($39 during the waitlist, price increases once the bundle opens) in order to get this exclusive bonus. 

Signing up for the free bundle or waitlist alone does not qualify you for this bonus.

How to get the bonus:

Step 1: Use my affiliate link to sign up for the Becoming Boss Bundle. 

Step 2: Check your email and look for the subject line, “You’re on the list! [Becoming Boss Bundle]” from Faith Mariah. Scroll down to find the VIP upgrade link, click that link, and upgrade your access to the VIP Becoming Boss Power Pack. 

Step 3: Email hello[at] with a copy of your receipt that shows Anna Crosby / Geni Collective as the affiliate for your purchase. 

Step 4: Once your affiliate purchase is verified, you will receive a form to fill out with your specific business details. 

Step 5: You will receive your Content Calendar with personalized ideas for your business within 10 days. 

Questions, comments, or concerns? Please email hello[at] and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!!

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