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Money Making Emails: Flash Sale and Webinar email templates

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Money Making Emails

Yep, here it is. Your enemy.

The only thing standing between you and writing that email.

animated image of a blinking cursor

You know, the email that will help your people. 

The email that will create a connection. 

The email that will make you money.

And yet you are staring down that darn blinking cursor yet again.

You want to send emails.
Your people want to read them.
The only problem?

Let's fix that, shall we?

After working with my private clients…
After coaching my students at live bootcamps… 
and after suffering from the “blinking cursor syndrome” myself, 
I’ve cracked the code. 
Hi, I’m Anna Crosby. 
I’m an email marketing consultant, and a huge tech nerd. 
I’ve been teaching my clients how to write better emails for over 7 years. 
During that time, I’ve read (and written) thousands of emails. 
What makes some emails fun to read? 
And what makes other emails get deleted faster than a teenager’s web browser history? 
That’s what I wanted to find out…

Turns out, there's a way to go about writing emails -- and email sequences -- without guesswork, without sleaze, and without stress.

And I’m sharing the frameworks I have developed inside:




Money Making Emails: Flash Sale and Webinar email templates

templates that hold your hand
and help you check all the boxes
so you can focus on making SALES.

Regularly sold for $139

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Anna helped me get my funnels together so that people could find me, and nurture my clients so that I could spend time connecting with them and staying in my zone of genius.

Wendy Lee

Transformational Life Coach, LeadHERship Revolution

Here's what you get with this bundle:

Money Making Emails: Flash Sale email templates

Flash Sale Email Templates

Ready for the easiest 4 emails you’ll ever write? 

Make money from your email list whenever you want with this template pack. 

Write your entire flash sale sequence in one afternoon, and launch it the next day.

Webinar Email Templates

Make running a webinar / live event 1000% less intimidating with this set of email templates.

More than just the emails, this workbook will lay out exactly how to invite your audience to the webinar, how to nurture them while they wait for the big day, and how to follow-up and pitch your offer in an easy, authentic, zero-sleaze way. 

Money Making Emails - Prebuilt Automations in ActiveCampaign

Automated Sequences Pre-Built in ActiveCampaign

Each template has a corresponding sequence that is pre-built for you for ActiveCampaign. 

Simply import the sequences into your account, and paste in your emails. 

The Webinar sequence includes templates for one, two, or three different dates. 

Workbook sample from Money Making Emails - Flash Sale email templates

Interactive Workbooks

Follow the prompts for each email mentioned, jot down your notes, and then put it all together into a fully-formed email. 

There is ample space for your notes!!

The workbooks are made with Google Docs, so they are completely interactive and fillable. 

Make copies of each workbook so you can use them over and over again for future sales and other offers.

We needed Anna's help to set up (pretty complex) Active Campaign email sequences, connections to the course platform on Thinkific, and a variety of overall tech needs throughout.

We’ve worked together on probably a dozen projects in the past, and I knew Anna would step in and answer questions calmly and handle any tech hiccups or pivots with ease.

Anna just always blows me away with her knowledge, ability to add to that knowledge, fortitude with challenging projects, and diplomacy in dealing with clients.

Anna makes everything seem like it’s a breeze and nothing to worry about, which is a must for me as I get worked up more easily when challenges arise!

Anna is amazing at all things tech! I’ve pulled her into projects with my clients dozens of times and will continue to do so.

Sarah Guilliot

Sarah Design

Never struggle or waste time because you don't know what to write.

In each template set, I’ll walk you through  dissecting the basics of your offer. 
So that when it comes time to write to your people about it, you’ll know exactly what to say. 
Not to mention, I’ll give you suggestions and ideas for every email. 
It’ll be like I’m sitting down and writing the emails with you. 

Regularly sold for $139

FREE for a very limited time as
part of the Best Summer Ever Bundle

Anna is a wonderful educator, and whenever I would get frustrated she would instead get excited and look at it as a puzzle to solve.

I have recommended Anna to my friends who also have online businesses, and she has done technical updates and website work that their virtual assistants were too afraid to do.

In the past 2 years, there hasn't been a week that's gone by that I didn't learn something new from Anna. She has given me confidence and support, and is very heartfelt and authentic.

Taylore Carre

Pain Relief & Movement Specialist, Divine Balance Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

If you sell digital products, or offer services online, these templates will work for you. They are not any niche-specific, and will work B2B as well as B2C.

Workbooks and other content within this product may be occasionally updated, and extra content may be provided. You’ll have the chance to request further additions to this email template pack, and if more/newer content is added, you will receive the updates at no extra cost. 

You have access for as long as this product is being offered (lifetime product access). If this product is going to be discontinued, you will have ample notice and ability to download the materials.

Once you complete your purchase on the next page, you will immediately gain access to the Learning Portal, where you can download your workbooks and begin writing your emails immediately. 

Your purchase of the templates includes email support, so you can ask questions if you get stuck. Plus, your purchase also gets you an invitation to the Flash Sale and Webinar Set-up Action Weeks. Action Weeks are 5-day workshops that are meant to help you implement and use the templates to write your emails, where you can get your emails reviewed, get ideas and suggestions, and write your emails in a supportive environment. 

Due to the immediate access and digital nature of this product, I am unable to offer refunds. However, if you feel that you will not be able to write your emails following the workbooks, please contact me and I can offer you a credit towards another of my products.

What Anna's Clients Are Saying:

I hired Anna for support with a launch email marketing campaign. She came highly recommended by a mutual contact.

I would say that Anna is a magician with the tech. I felt extremely supported. Her responsiveness and communication skills made a complicated project a breeze.

She is extremely dedicated and detail oriented; she does what she says she will do, when she said she will do it. I trust her expertise 1000%.

Fani Nicheva

Brave Brand

We needed an automation that would allow us to send emails to prospects and our past and present clients. We had six emails created, short on time, no idea how to make Active Campaign work.

Anna addressed our biggest concern perfectly. We saw and understood how it all worked. Where would the results go, when would they arrive. It was like having our own tech person sitting by my side.

Muskie Jones

Visionova HR Consulting

I hired Anna to help educate me on content writing for my educational and sales funnels to my services, as well as automating my educational and sales sequences in ActiveCampaign.

I feel now that we are starting to get going with my social media ads, I feel confident that when someone signs up to my list, they will get a lot of value out of what I have to offer.

I do really like our weekly meetings because it keeps me on target!

I would say Anna can do anything! She has taken the things I can't do or want to do off my plate. Anna is easy to work with and has great feedback and inspires my writing content. She has taken a lot of stress off my plate.

Lauren J.

Life Coach

Anna has done a wonderful job with helping me implement an email marketing system for my subscriber list. She was very knowledgeable with the entire process and what needed to be done. I am now able to reach out to my customers with just a few clicks of a button!

She is professional, organized, honest and gets the job done.

Sonya Lokie

Chief Momologist, Momology Co LLC

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Money Making Emails: Flash Sale and Webinar email templates

Regularly sold for $139

Get FREE Instant Access

as part of the Best Summer Ever Bundle

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