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Want to learn the best email marketing platform to simplify your sales funnel back-end tech?

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Active Campaign 101


EVERYTHING you need to know to take full advantage
of the ActiveCampaign platform

Regularly sold for $47

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for just $19

ActiveCampaign is currently the most powerful email automation platform

✅ It’s infinitely customizeable

✅ The most fully-featured

✅ Can be your CRM as well as just manage emails

✅ Virtually unlimited automation potential

✅ And all for a price that rivals the other players

Let me show you what it can do!!

I have been using ActiveCampaign to create automations and systems for my clients that range from simple sales funnels to complex internal and customer-facing workflows involving multiple integrations.

In over 7 years of using it, I have not yet run into anything that ActiveCampaign couldn’t handle.

You will be surprised at what you can do in AC!!
I'll give you an overview to get you started using it like a PRO

In the ActiveCampaign 101 Masterclass, you will learn:

➡ How to save time by navigating the back-end like a pro
➡ The most OPTIMAL way to organize and segment your contacts (if you find yourself creating multiple lists, you might be doing it wrong…)
➡ When to use campaigns vs automations — so you don’t make more work for yourself than necessary
➡ The most overlooked way to use Forms to track valuable data on your marketing efforts

Here's all that we'll go over in the Masterclass:

Navigating the Interface

Learn about every tool that ActiveCampaign has, and where to easily find everything you need.

Lists vs. Tags vs. Segments

Discover the best way to segment and keep track of your subscribers, so you can personalize your emails.

Campaigns vs. Automations

I'll share the rules of thumb and how to decide when you should use a campaign, and when an automation will save you more time and effort.

Forms & Landing Pages

Learn the underrated way that you can use Forms to track important data in your business.


3 Ways to Personalize Your Emails

Learn the advanced strategies for how to provide more personalized content to your subscribers (beyond just putting their name in the email.)

Custom Fields & Variables

Dip your toes into custom fields and message variables and find out how they can save you time, help you create complex automations, and organize all the information you have about  your subscribers.

Regularly sold for $47

Only available on this page
for just $19

Hi, I'm Anna!!

I’m an email marketing consultant, funnel and automation builder, and the tech nerd in your back pocket to make it all happen behind the scenes. 

I created the ActiveCampaign 101 Masterclass for online entrepreneurs who are too scared of the tech to take full advantage of the ActiveCampaign platform. 

You don’t have to be a tech genius to have a streamlined, organized, and effective email marketing system. 

Don’t miss your chance to snag this Masterclass and learn everything you need to do to properly set up and run your email marketing with ActiveCampaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

The training was made with digital product and course creators in mind, however anyone who wants a deeper understanding of how to use ActiveCampaign can benefit from knowing its features.

It heavily depends on whether you are starting from scratch, or you have been using ActiveCampaign for some time. This masterclass is best suited towards those who are recently new to ActiveCampaign, or are migrating from another software.

Once you complete your purchase on the next page, you will immediately gain access to the Learning Portal, where you can start the training immediately. The Modules are not locked, so you can view them in any order; however the Masterclass was filmed sequentially.

If you need help cleaning up your ActiveCampaign, or a custom plan for how to manage the platform going forward, I encourage you to reach out and book a call with me so I can give you personalized recommendations.

You have access to this training for the life of the product. So there is no rush to complete is right way, although I hope that you are excited to do so!! 

Due to the immediate access and digital nature of this product, I am unable to offer refunds. However, if you feel that you did not learn anything new after watching the Masterclass, please contact me and I can offer you a credit towards another of my products.

What Anna's Clients Are Saying:

Anna is a wonderful educator, and whenever I would get frustrated she would instead get excited and look at it as a puzzle to solve.

I have recommended Anna to my friends who also have online businesses, and she has done technical updates and website work that their virtual assistants were too afraid to do.

In the past 2 years, there hasn't been a week that's gone by that I didn't learn something new from Anna. She has given me confidence and support, and is very heartfelt and authentic.

Taylore Carre

Pain Relief & Movement Specialist, Divine Balance Yoga

We needed Anna's help to set up (pretty complex) Active Campaign email sequences, connections to the course platform on Thinkific, and a variety of overall tech needs throughout.

We’ve worked together on probably a dozen projects in the past, and I knew Anna would step in and answer questions calmly and handle any tech hiccups or pivots with ease.

Anna just always blows me away with her knowledge, ability to add to that knowledge, fortitude with challenging projects, and diplomacy in dealing with clients.

Anna makes everything seem like it’s a breeze and nothing to worry about, which is a must for me as I get worked up more easily when challenges arise!

Anna is amazing at all things tech! I’ve pulled her into projects with my clients dozens of times and will continue to do so.

Sarah Guilliot

Sarah Design

Anna helped me get my funnels together so that people could find me, and nurture my clients so that I could spend time connecting with them and staying in my zone of genius.

Wendy Lee

Transformational Life Coach, LeadHERship Revolution

I hired Anna for support with a launch email marketing campaign. She came highly recommended by a mutual contact.

I would say that Anna is a magician with the tech. I felt extremely supported. Her responsiveness and communication skills made a complicated project a breeze.

She is extremely dedicated and detail oriented; she does what she says she will do, when she said she will do it. I trust her expertise 1000%.

Fani Nicheva

Brave Brand

We needed an automation that would allow us to send emails to prospects and our past and present clients. We had six emails created, short on time, no idea how to make Active Campaign work.

Anna addressed our biggest concern perfectly. We saw and understood how it all worked. Where would the results go, when would they arrive. It was like having our own tech person sitting by my side.

Muskie Jones

Visionova HR Consulting

I hired Anna to help educate me on content writing for my educational and sales funnels to my services, as well as automating my educational and sales sequences in ActiveCampaign.

I feel now that we are starting to get going with my social media ads, I feel confident that when someone signs up to my list, they will get a lot of value out of what I have to offer.

I do really like our weekly meetings because it keeps me on target!

I would say Anna can do anything! She has taken the things I can't do or want to do off my plate. Anna is easy to work with and has great feedback and inspires my writing content. She has taken a lot of stress off my plate.

Lauren J.

Life Coach

Anna has done a wonderful job with helping me implement an email marketing system for my subscriber list. She was very knowledgeable with the entire process and what needed to be done. I am now able to reach out to my customers with just a few clicks of a button!

She is professional, organized, honest and gets the job done.

Sonya Lokie

Chief Momologist, Momology Co LLC

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Active Campaign 101


Regularly sold for $47

Only available on this page

for just $19

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