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Want to make sure that your email marketing actually makes you SALES?

If so, you want the

Total Email Marketing Planner

The Total Email Marketing Planner

Send strategic emails.

Make money from your list.

Track your stats. Replicate your success.

Regularly sold for $67

Only available on this page

for just $37

It's that day again...

the day you told yourself you should really send an email to your list.

Scenario A:

You stare at the blinking cursor, not really sure what to write about. 

You quickly fire off a random email with no goal in mind. 

You check off that task from your to-do list and move on with your day.

Several months later, you’re thinking, “Email marketing doesn’t work, I can’t make sales from it.” 

Scenario B:

You don’t even get to the point where you’ve opened your email software. 

You just have no clue what to write.

Surely it’s better to wait until you have something of value, right? 

Fast forward… it’s 3 weeks later and now you’re starting your next email with “Sorry it’s been a while…”

Isn't it time you stopped winging it

and started to get real results?


But it has to be strategic.

✅ Email marketing has an ROI of over 3,000% (yep, not a typo)

✅ It’s the best way to authentically and personally connect with your audience

✅ Showing up consistently in your peoples’ inboxes will skyrocket trust — and, as a result, SALES.

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Imagine if you knew exactly what to send in each email in order to make money...

No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what “sticks.”

No more feeling overly salesy or sleazy.

And when something works, you know how to replicate it.


The Total Email Marketing Planner

The Total Email Marketing Planner

Focus on RESULTS.

The Total Email Marketing Planner walks you through planning your email marketing strategy 90 days at a time.

Each quarter, you’ll set your sales goals. 

Each month, you’ll plan out your sales periods and when you’re going to send your emails. 

At the end of each month, you’ll track your active subscribers, the sales you made, and your email statistics (open rates, click rates.)

Keep track of your successes so that you can replicate it quarter after quarter.

The planner auto-magically combines your data for you, so you can see your progress at a glance.

Here's how it works:

Email Marketing Planner - Setup

Easy Setup & Instructions

The planner is built using Google Sheets, and is completely interactive. The Setup section goes over the process of getting started with using the planner, as well as tips and tricks to help you use the planner efficiently.

Email Marketing Planner - Dashboard

Dashboard & Overview

A central spot in the planner where you can easily access the quarterly and monthly planning sections — no scrolling for tabs necessary. All pages are inter-linked, and you can access the Dashboard tab from any other page in the planner.

Start with Quarterly Planning

Get a birds-eye view of the next 90 days, and tune in your sales goals for your 3 main offers for that quarter. As you progress and input your statistics, the planner will automatically calculate your subscriber growth as well as the sales you want to track — so you can easily see your progress as the quarter goes on.

Email Marketing Planner - Monthly Planning - example
Email Marketing Planner - Monthly Planning

Monthly Planning

Plan each weeks’ worth of emails easily, with drop-down categories for what’s going on in your business — cart opens, content release dates, live events, and more — so you always have the most complete picture when you’re planning out your emails around promotions. This way, you know that each email is directly relevant to your promotion and sales goals — even if you’re not actively selling in each one. 

Email Marketing Planner - Debrief & Stats Tracking

Monthly Debrief & Stats Tracking

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. So at the end of each month, your planner includes a debrief section so that you can track your open rates, click rates, and number of sales. Use the journal-style prompts to jot down things that worked well (so you can do more of them in the future), and new things that you want to try (reducing guess-work for the future.) 

Email Marketing Planner - Statistics aggregate

Statistics & Visualization

This at-a-glance page shows your statistics in a visual format, so you can see your success in real time. No manual input is needed on this page — the planner will pull the relevant numbers and add them up for you right from your monthly debrief sheets. 

Anna is a wonderful educator, and whenever I would get frustrated she would instead get excited and look at it as a puzzle to solve.

In the past 2 years, there hasn't been a week that's gone by that I didn't learn something new from Anna. She has given me confidence and support, and is very heartfelt and authentic.

Taylore Carre

Pain Relief & Movement Specialist, Divine Balance Yoga

Have I mentioned there are BONUSES?

Email Marketing Planner - Content Ideas Vault

BONUS #1: Content Ideas Vault

Never run out of ideas for your emails (or other content) again. The Content Vault section of your planner is a handy place to jot down ideas for emails whenever the inspiration strikes. Then, when it’s time to write your emails, you can refer to this sheet to find the perfect words that you’ve already thought of. It’s like having your own never-ending well of gold nuggets that you can dip into whenever you want. 

Email Marketing Planner - Sales Goal Calculator

BONUS #2: Sales Goal Calculator

How do you make sure you ALWAYS hit your sales goals? By setting realistic and attainable goals in the first place. With the included Calculator, you can easily see what a realistic number of sales looks like for you, based on the size of your email list, your average click rate, and the conversion rate of your sales page.

If you have a specific sales goal in mind, the calculator will show you what list size you should aim in order to hit that goal easily. 

Grab your copy of the Total Email Marketing Planner

and take your email marketing to the next level

Regularly sold for $67

Only available on this page

for just $37

Anna helped me get my funnels together so that people could find me, and nurture my clients so that I could spend time connecting with them and staying in my zone of genius.

Wendy Lee

Transformational Life Coach, LeadHERship Revolution

Hi, I'm Anna!!

I’m an email marketing specialist & consultant. 

That’s just a fancy way of saying that I love all things email marketing, and I help business owners like you sell more online using the power of email & automation. 

I’m also 1000% an introvert, so making money without being loud and “out there” on social media? Sign me up for those comfy, cozy, and sleaze-free sales. 

I created the Total Email Marketing Planner so that I could keep everything related to my email marketing strategy in one place. 

I also needed to have a well-defined focus and goal for my email marketing — because, you know — SQUIRREL!!

I’m so excited to share the Planner with you, because I know that with some strategic focus, accountability, and encouragement at seeing progress — I know you CAN make money using your email list. 

The Planner will help you do just that. 

I can’t wait to see you out there, selling your stuff!!

We needed Anna's help to set up (pretty complex) Active Campaign email sequences, connections to the course platform on Thinkific, and a variety of overall tech needs throughout.

We’ve worked together on probably a dozen projects in the past, and I knew Anna would step in and answer questions calmly and handle any tech hiccups or pivots with ease.

Anna just always blows me away with her knowledge, ability to add to that knowledge, fortitude with challenging projects, and diplomacy in dealing with clients.

Anna makes everything seem like it’s a breeze and nothing to worry about, which is a must for me as I get worked up more easily when challenges arise!

Anna is amazing at all things tech! I’ve pulled her into projects with my clients dozens of times and will continue to do so.

Sarah Guilliot

Sarah Design

AHDH-friendly & simple to use

The Planner doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, or pretty, distracting graphics.

The focus is on making sales, and planning out your emails in advance of when you have to write them is how you set yourself up for success. 

The planner walks you through filling out each box in turn with minimum distraction. 

Then it lovingly holds you accountable to track your emails’ performance, and celebrates with you when you start to see traction. 

Set yourself up for email marketing success!!

Get The Total Email Marketing Planner

Regularly sold for $67

Only available on this page

for just $37

Anna has done a wonderful job with helping me implement an email marketing system for my subscriber list. She was very knowledgeable with the entire process and what needed to be done. I am now able to reach out to my customers with just a few clicks of a button!

She is professional, organized, honest and gets the job done.

Sonya Lokie

Chief Momologist, Momology Co LLC

Some things you might be wondering about:

The Planner is made entirely in Google Sheets. You will need a Google account in order to be able to make a copy for your personal use. Alternatively, you may contact us and we’ll send you an Excel version — although we cannot guarantee the same quality and functionality. 

If you are using email marketing to sell digital products online, this Planner was made for you. You can adapt the planner to work to track your services, as well — although you might have to group them in order to fit into the 3 offer slots as designed.

Yes!! In fact, because the focus is on sales, you might naturally discover products that you can create. Alternatively, you can use the planner to plan out your emails promoting affiliate products, as well.

You can always reach out via email with any questions, and/or provide your feedback to help us improve the planner. We won’t leave you hanging!!

The planner is built inside of Google Sheets, so you’ll be able to keep your copy for as long as you like.

The Planner may be periodically updated. You will be notified of any updates, and provided with an updated Planner at no extra cost. 

No — this planner comes with a personal license only. You may tweak your own copy to your liking, but you may not, under any circumstances, redistribute this planner, even with your own changes.

Please send an email to hello[at]genicollective.com and we’ll take it from there!!

The Total Email Marketing Planner

Get the best tool you need to succeed at email marketing

Regularly sold for $67

Only available on this page

for just $37

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