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Set Up Your Email Marketing for Sales Workshop

Learn how to easily make sales using email marketing

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Learn the best email marketing practices that make it feel easy and aligned to ask for the sale.

In this 40-minute workshop you will learn:

  • The 3 pillars of email so that you can have a streamlined, organized, and effective email marketing system,
  • How to open the door for sales from the very first email your new subscribers get,
  • How to use automation to help you stop second-guessing whether or not to send those sales emails, and 
  • How to make sure you’re constantly increasing your know-like-trust factor with your subscribers to get repeat sales.

Hi, I’m Anna Crosby. 

➼ Email marketing consultant

➼ Automations & funnel builder

➼ The tech nerd in your back pocket

I’m here to help you use email marketing in a feel-good way to sell your digital products and courses online. 

I created the Set Up Your Email Marketing for Sales Workshop for online entrepreneurs who want to use email marketing to make more sales, but aren’t sure how, when, and where to send those sales emails.

I welcome you to our exclusive email newsletter community, where I share my best email marketing tips, host trainings, and provide resources not available anywhere else. 

(No, I’m not on any socials ;)) )

My goal is to help you create a streamlined, organized, and effective email marketing system, and this workshop is just the beginning.

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