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You're building your email list for a reason:

  • Email is the easiest way to create a meaningful relationship online
  • The reach and ROI of your emails is easily 200%+ that of your social media posts
  • Your emails can be out there doing the selling for you 24/7 when they are automated

And yet...

When it comes down to it, you hesitate sending those sales emails. 

You don’t quite know what to say. 

Maybe you should give them more “free value first.”

How do you even transition from free value to asking them to pay for something, anyway?

So you put it off, and before you know it, you find yourself starting your next email with “… well it’s been several months since you’ve heard from me…”

Ready to start making sales from your emails?

Let's make these emails the easiest ones you'll write this year.

The Welcome, Nurture, and Sell Email Templates will help you write all of the emails you'll need for a complete sequence that:

➡ Positions you as an expert
➡ Produces a result for your new subscriber
➡ Introduces your paid resources 
➡ Eliminates sleaze when selling, even to a brand-new subscriber
➡ Turns your new subscribers into buyers

What's included in the template pack:

6 Welcome Emails + Suggested subject lines

10 Nurture Emails + Easy strategy to come up with what to write about

12 Sales Emails + Sample script to ask for feedback on your offer

✔ PDF & Google Doc templates with instructions and subject lines

✔ Pre-built automations in ActiveCampaign you can simply import into your account

✔ Video training and walkthrough of each email

Immediate, lifetime access to all materials

All yours for just $47

Hi, I'm Anna!!

I’m an email marketing consultant, funnel and automation builder, and the tech nerd in your back pocket to make it all happen behind the scenes. 

I originally created the Welcome, Nurture, and Sell Email Templates for my private clients, so that they can easily write all their emails.   

Now these templates are available for you to learn the repeatable process to ask for the sale in a way that feels logical, aligned, and above all, helpful. 

Don’t miss your chance to snag this deal on all three email template packs so you can create your complete system and funnel for your new subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter your niche, if you sell a digital product (course, printable, workshop, training, ebooks, etc) these templates will work for you. There are a handful of templates for you if you want to ask your subscribers to book a discovery call with you, as well. 

If writing is not your forte, plan on spending an afternoon or two going through the templates and following the directions. It is entirely possible to write the whole sequence in a weekend — however, the speed at which you write is, of course, up to you. 

Once you complete your purchase on the next page, you will immediately gain access to the Learning Portal, where you can watch the videos, download the PDFs, and make copies of the Google Docs for your use. 

The Bundle includes walk-through videos and written directions inside the PDF documents. However, if you still feel stuck and don’t know what to write about, reach out to me and I’ll help point you in the right direction. 

If you need help finishing up your email sequences, you can book a call with me where we’ll sit together over Zoom and write your emails together. Please note that due to the high level of support during this call, there is an extra charge for booking this type of call. 

Due to the immediate access and the digital nature of the templates, I am unable to offer refunds on digital products. 

What Anna's Clients Are Saying:

Anna is a wonderful educator, and whenever I would get frustrated she would instead get excited and look at it as a puzzle to solve.

I have recommended Anna to my friends who also have online businesses, and she has done technical updates and website work that their virtual assistants were too afraid to do.

In the past 2 years, there hasn't been a week that's gone by that I didn't learn something new from Anna. She has given me confidence and support, and is very heartfelt and authentic.

Taylore Carre

Pain Relief & Movement Specialist, Divine Balance Yoga

We needed Anna's help to set up (pretty complex) Active Campaign email sequences, connections to the course platform on Thinkific, and a variety of overall tech needs throughout.

We’ve worked together on probably a dozen projects in the past, and I knew Anna would step in and answer questions calmly and handle any tech hiccups or pivots with ease.

Anna just always blows me away with her knowledge, ability to add to that knowledge, fortitude with challenging projects, and diplomacy in dealing with clients.

Anna makes everything seem like it’s a breeze and nothing to worry about, which is a must for me as I get worked up more easily when challenges arise!

Anna is amazing at all things tech! I’ve pulled her into projects with my clients dozens of times and will continue to do so.

Sarah Guilliot

Sarah Design

Anna helped me get my funnels together so that people could find me, and nurture my clients so that I could spend time connecting with them and staying in my zone of genius.

Wendy Lee

Transformational Life Coach, LeadHERship Revolution

I hired Anna for support with a launch email marketing campaign. She came highly recommended by a mutual contact.

I would say that Anna is a magician with the tech. I felt extremely supported. Her responsiveness and communication skills made a complicated project a breeze.

She is extremely dedicated and detail oriented; she does what she says she will do, when she said she will do it. I trust her expertise 1000%.

Fani Nicheva

Brave Brand

We needed an automation that would allow us to send emails to prospects and our past and present clients. We had six emails created, short on time, no idea how to make Active Campaign work.

Anna addressed our biggest concern perfectly. We saw and understood how it all worked. Where would the results go, when would they arrive. It was like having our own tech person sitting by my side.

Muskie Jones

Visionova HR Consulting

I hired Anna to help educate me on content writing for my educational and sales funnels to my services, as well as automating my educational and sales sequences in ActiveCampaign.

I feel now that we are starting to get going with my social media ads, I feel confident that when someone signs up to my list, they will get a lot of value out of what I have to offer.

I do really like our weekly meetings because it keeps me on target!

I would say Anna can do anything! She has taken the things I can't do or want to do off my plate. Anna is easy to work with and has great feedback and inspires my writing content. She has taken a lot of stress off my plate.

Lauren J.

Life Coach

Anna has done a wonderful job with helping me implement an email marketing system for my subscriber list. She was very knowledgeable with the entire process and what needed to be done. I am now able to reach out to my customers with just a few clicks of a button!

She is professional, organized, honest and gets the job done.

Sonya Lokie

Chief Momologist, Momology Co LLC

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